What is Timeless Woodwork?
  • We are a custom woodworking shop.
  • We help conceive furniture from wood and iron.
  • Our in house design team is good.
  • We like unique commissions and entertain design submissions.
  • We have specialty items.
  • Our experience is extensive.

Please browse the galleries and the site.

What is a Timeless Piece?

Timeless Woodwork begins with a wooden idea and progress's through;

  • Good design - serves the purpose or is multifunctional
    • Is always pleasing to the eye and gives a sense of intrique or satisfaction everytime it is seen.
  • The correct choice of wood.
  • Wood cut layout.
    • the natural grain is correctly sawn for strength and beauty of design. Pieces are chosen from the grain.
  • Good joinery for lasting durability.

Effort is put into each piece ,and it would be sad to have it not treasured.

Why not invest some thought in an object that will reflect who we are and will be cherished by our children?

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