Customer Testimonials

As a young boy, I was lucky - my father was mechanically minded and had good tools around,
and he was always there when I had a question.

My summers as a student were spent in the construction of custom homes.
After schooling, I returned to the construction business.

I read all the books I could on wood and woodworking(the old books were best),
and I went back to my mentors when I had difficult projects.

My 30 year journey with wood began in the custom home building business and progressed to the shop. The shop portion of my work gradually took over because it allowed me to work through the winters.

I was lucky to have an excellant mentor. I studied under true old world craftsmen. I was taught the use of hand tools and timeless joinery. That is the basis. (Machines help the process they are not the process.) Confident in his knowledge he shared it. This was how he learned. This was most profound influence,,,, I did not encounter a wall to learning was as it should be. So many tradesmen guard their knowledge like secrets.

I made mistakes lots of them -(a critical view) that is how you learn!!!!!
The secret is to recognize mistakes and shortcomings in design and appearance prior to construction, and seek the solution.

Over time experience is gained if Quested for.

My Relationship with Wood

My relationship with wood started as a curiosity for the material.
Then a love of its beauty and versatility.
I was intrigued with the variety and cuts.
The sparkle of quarter cut and the flame of flat sawn.
Eventuly my love of wood developed into a reverence for it.

Modern men will pay thousands of dollars for a vehicle that lasts mere years,
and he buys equally short lived furniture.

My quest was simple: make things from solid wood that will be valued timeless items,
and show the natural beauty of wood.

The success of my finished product is measured by its functionality and versitality, form and beauty. Timeless design and joinery. (Life Cycle Cost - Efficiency over the longer term).
Thought and care create a treasured and Timeless piece.